Who we are

Euro-Asian Foundation for Business Education

(Formerly Polish Chinese Foundation for Promotion of Art and Culture DONG FENG )

I The name of the Foundation

The name is the foundation of the Euro – Asian Business Education Foundation.

The Foundation may also use the abbreviation in EAFBE Foundation.

II Scope of the Foundation’s activity

The Foundation operates on the Polish territory.

The Foundation may also act outside the territory of the Poland in compliance with all requirements of local law.

III Aims of the Foundation

  1. promotion of the Chinese history , culture and art in Poland
  2. promote and popularize the Chinese language in Poland
  3. information about the Chinese economy and investment conditions in China on the Polish territory
  4. promote the Polish history , culture and art in China
  5. information about the Polish economy and investment conditions in Poland on the Chinese territory
  6. information of the possibility of activities for persons with disabilities
  7. educational activities related to the wide understood business and non-business activities ,
  8. information and dissemination activities in the field of science and business
  9. support the integration activities between the European and Asian governmental and non-governmental organizations or institutions,
  10. promote scientific research ,
  11. promote the safety of people and companies in Europe and Asia.

IV The Foundation pursues its aims and objectives by:

  1. educational activities ,
  2. consulting activities ,
  3. popularizing ,
  4. publishing,
  5. scientific research,
  6. organizing scientific conferences ,
  7. training,
  8. organizing meetings and discussions ,
  9. exchange of information,
  10. funding scholarships
  11. representing the interests and protect the rights of members of the association to the state authorities, government and other entities,
  12. shaping the social and organizational conditions for the improvement of safety,
  13. the creation of organizational and economic conditions for improving the quality of educational services
  14. expressing opinions on matters relating to the statutory purpose of the Association,
  15. cooperation with domestic and foreign entities ,
  16. business activities,
  17. perform other tasks arising from the resolutions of the General Meeting of Members .
  18. organization of conferences , forums , seminars in the country and abroad
  19. conducting workshops, trainings , thematic studies in the country and abroad.