Training for public administration and universities

Institutions to which we particularly address this project, are those which workers are or will be in contact with nationals of the Far East. The project is being prepared for people , for which Asia is or in the near future will be important because of their job . In many cases, this form of education may prove to be absolutely essential for those officials and other administrative staff who may come into contact with the widely understood Asian side . In particular, this fact applies to:

  1. managers of special economic zones ;

  2. the employees of the promotion and international cooperation , education and sports departments , cultural departments , departments of economic development and tourism;

  3. employees in the units of local government (police, border guards , customs ) ;

  4. staff of the competent units of Labour Offices.

  5. the employees of international affairs offices at universities

Thanks of the knowledge and skills gained during the training, a graduate of the course is an effective negotiator , competent manager and conscious leader in the field of multicultural management .

This is allowed by prepared program that includes extensive knowledge of the functioning of the various Asian countries . The training issues will cover the following topics : language issues , mindset specificity, a contemporary vision of the state and the economy , the elements of law , administration and business issues such as strategies , negotiation and marketing.

Innovative form and content of the training is the answer to the changing world in which individual regions of Asia are gaining larger and undeniable importance , and contact with their inhabitants becomes inevitable for public officials. The proposed project will enable the Foundation to fill the information gap in the topic of Far East. This creates a possibility to avoid many situations resulting from a lack of knowledge in the mentioned area. The project is under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy .