Training for Chinese companies

The task , to which the Foundation is committed to, is to support Chinese companies and executives in the process of adaptation in Polish cultural and economic environment . We want to show the Chinese entrepreneurs how you can succeed in cooperation with Polish business partner.
Group of recipients , to which the training will be directed, are primarily business owners , managers and representatives of both large, medium and small businesses . They also will be directed to different types of institutions and organizations , professionals in the field of sales and marketing which are interested in sales of goods and services in Poland and Central Europe.
The main goal we want to achieve, is to provide practical knowledge on issues related to setting up and running a business in Poland for our Asian partners. It will be based in particular on the following information:

1. establishment of representative offices ,

2. setting up and running businesses , companies , branches,

3. purchase and privatization of enterprises

4. participation in public tenders

5. cooperation with subcontractors

6. promotional and marketing activities

7. market research

8. employee issues and burdens resulting from that

Transfer the contents mentioned above, will be made through thematic blocks covering information in the field of law , banking and tax issues, lobbying and business environment , forms of business, as well as general information in the field of culture, art and practical aspects of everyday life. Acquiring such issues will help Asian business partners to find themselves in the Polish reality.
The growing importance of Asian countries such as China in particular, is undeniable. Presented offer of training, creates a great opportunity for promoting the Polish economy as an area worthy to cooperate and invest .