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China invests heavily to improve education in Tibet

The central government has earmarked over 4 billion yuan (592 million U.S. dollars) to improve education in agricultural and pastoral areas in Tibet Autonomous Region.

According to the regional education department, since 2014, more than 1000 compulsory education schools in 74 counties and districts have been allocated funding to support renovation work and equipment purchasing, among other projects.

Internet classes are accessed by 731 students in a primary school in Maizhokunggar County, where 42 teachers now also use electronic whiteboards during lessons.

Headmaster Tsedan Tashi said the new equipment and facilities have improved teaching quality and attracted more students.

The region plans to spend over 6.7 billion yuan from 2014 to 2018 to build 1.56 million square meters of school and grounds, as well as purchase 23,426 computers, 159,000 sets of desks and chairs, 93,000 beds for students, 2.7 million books and 119,000 sets of instruments.